MNCEME Celebrates Partnership with Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota

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On November 17, 2016 MNCEME along with the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota were proud to announce a partnership they have been working on since January along with many great activities and exhibits they have been able to collaborate on and purchase with funds from a grant Stephanie Zojonc, STEM Outreach Director for MNCEME wrote.

The grant funds were used to develop curriculum and provide materials for use at the museum to increase STEM outreach for pre-K and elementary students.  Activities include the Rigamajig large-scale building kit, the Spielgaben and other loose parts educational kits, light tables, microscopes, Lego WeDo construction sets, large TVs with mounts for facilitated instructional experiences, Build-It! Discs, and a Center of Gravity exhibit designed and constructed locally. These activities are rotated periodically to keep them fresh and exciting.

Follow the links for more information on the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota and an article by the Mankato Free Press.